The Nature Mega Bundle Vol. 3

The most complete nature-themed digital bundle, loved by over 20,000 families across the world, is back! With brand new materials, and printable resources, this bundle is better than ever! And it will never be sold again.


Get it before it goes away!


Take a peek at some of the resources:

Butterfly and Caterpillar Nature Guide by With His Grace

These hand-painted butterflies and caterpillars, made by Sarah Wilson, come in a set of cards and posters that feature complete information on scientific names, family, subfamily, wingspan, habitat, host plants, adult food, and interesting facts about each moth.

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Strawberry Bundle by Mini Nature Explorers

A complete bundle featuring facts about strawberries, cards, games, posters, enriching activities and crafts.


Robin Unit Study by Stephanie Hathaway Designs

This study will explore robins through many different perspectives such as science, social studies, language arts, math, art and culture. The hope is your students will gain a comprehensive knowledge on the topic by exploring through many methods and activities rather than only reading information from a book.


Rainbow Colors Cards by The Hobbs Farm Photography

We all love the beautiful photographs from The Hobbs Farm. When Jenna sent us these stunning cards we knew they were going to make this bundle really special. These cards are perfect for preschoolers.

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Snail Poster by Brighter Day Press

Anatomy of a Garden Snail poster by Whitney Newby at Brighter Day Press.


Ants Unit Study by Brighter Day Press

This ubiquitous, fascinating creature is worth our attention, and I hope you enjoy this study as much as I loved creating it! This study was written for pre-K through elementary-age children. From anatomy diagrams to interactive ant hills to count-and-clipcards, there's something here for everyone.


Tulip Anatomy by Carrie Rogers

Carrie Rogers is an amazing artist, and her contributions to the bundle this year are a gift! This poster features Anatomy of a Tulip, it can be used in your nature studies and it will certainly make your school room look beautiful!

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The Wild Child's Nature Journal - Spring

This Spring Journal includes: Nature anatomy and cards, hand-illustrated field guide posters and flashcards, book list, seasonal poetry, monthly and yearly phenology wheel templates, simple seasonal activities and recipes, nature studies exploring butterflies, caterpillars, birds, snails, flowers, bugs and more.


Spring Package by Little Oak Learning

This set comes with a sweet Spring garland, daily rhythm graphic, nature elements illustrations, cards featuring the months of the year and more! The illustrations are so sweet and can be used to decorate the school room or be incorporated in your poetry tea time.

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Plant Foraging Guide by Twig and Moth

Beautiful posters from Twig & Moth, featuring useful plants to forage for.


Rock Pools: Living Shore by Fiddlesticks Education

This pack includes a chapter from Becca's book, 'Living Shore', along with matching printable posters and resources. While these resources are created with Charlotte Mason's method in mind, you can adapt them to suit any educational style.


Rainforest Guide by The Peaceful Press

This mini curriculum includes a list of living books, math activities, language arts, nature studies, practical life skills and more!

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Wild Math Curriculum: Adding & Subtracting Fractions Unit

Rachel Tidd creates excellent math curriculums that encourage the family to spend time in nature. Her lessons are very detailed and aim to incorporate creativity into logical thinking.


Nature Studies for Kids by Habitat School House

A complete nature inspired curriculum, with detailed lessons, book list, general information and activities.

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George Washington Carver Study by Stephanie Hathaway Designs

Scientist, agriculturalist, professor, artist, poet, marketing genius; George Washington Carver maybe most well-known for the amazing work he did with peanuts, but he is so much more! Sure, we’ll be spending some time learning about the fascinating peanut but that’s just one aspect of this man’s many contributions to science and society. Come with us on a journey as we learn about the life and legacy of George Washington Carver.

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Earth Bundle by Wild Feather Edu

Vanessa is a wonderful artist, and her Earth Bundle is a great addition to our collection this year. These posters can be used alongside living books or can also be incorporated into your nature studies.

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Maps by Wild Feather Edu

Beautiful illustrations featuring the map of our seven continents.

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Phases of the Moon by Green Urban Creative

This material is part of The Outer Space Collection, made by Green Urban Creative. It features beautiful illustrations of planets, constellations and phases of the moon.

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Barn Owl Study by Honeycomb Cabin

Facts about the barn owl with beautiful illustrations made by Ashley at Honeycomb Cabin. You can use these materials as inspiration for your nature journal, or incorporate them into your nature studies, making use of living books and nature observation to make your studies come to life!

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Pollinators by Honeycomb Cabin

A complete unit featuring beautiful illustrations of different pollinators and the flowers that attract them. This unit includes language arts, facts, posters, garland, flashcards and more!

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Cicadas Emerge 2021 by Rust and Sprout

May-June 2021 will signal the beginning of a 17-year-in-the-making cycle of Cicadas. Here are some fun resources for kids and parents to do together. This unit explores the life cycle of the cicada, handicrafts, poetry, facts, video resources, nature journaling, songs, recipes and other resources.

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John Muir Study by Tanglewood Hollow

Join us in learning more about the well-known naturalist and conservationist, John Muir, with our latest "Exploring Naturalists Guide"! Combining nature study, science, and art, you'll be sure to want to explore the history of Muir. Please note: there are some topics such as Muir's racist views included in this guide.

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Australian Mammals by Little Sparks Company

This bundle was created to complement your study of Australia with your 3-9 year old child(ren).
Somea ctivities will be best for younger children while others have been created for older children.

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Constellations by Green Urban Creative

This material is part of The Outer Space Collection, made by Green Urban Creative. It features beautiful illustrations of planets, constellations and phases of the moon.

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Nature Alphabet Cards by Devoted Motherhood

Beautiful alphabet cards made by Shanda Jacobs at Devoted Motherhood.

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Moon Phases Wheel by Tanglewood Hollow

Watch the moon phases with this wheel watcher made by Allyson Speake. With this wheel students can easily visualize how the moon changes it's state in each phase. 

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Spring Nature Art Study by a Handful of Blessings

A beautiful collection of art pieces to be appreciated throughout the spring season. These pieces can be incorporated into your nature studies or may simply be used for art appreciation from K-12.

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British Bats Poster by Carrie Rogers

This beautiful poster made by Carrie Rogers feature her hand-painted illustrations of the British Bats.

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Robert Louis Stevenson by Rust and Sprout

This study is designed to introduce us to the life of Robert Louis Stevenson, poet, author, nature enthusiast and adventurer. He exhibited resilient spirit and robust storytelling, despite the obstacles he faced. This study can be used in a concentrated setting, or spread over weeks whereat his poems or novels are savored and read aloud multiple times. Savoring and rereading the same poems not only allows us to enjoy poetry, but provides opportunity to familiarize ourselves with an artist's unique style.We hope you will also fall more in love with nature by reading and writing about the natural world!

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Parts of Animal and Plant Cell by Becca Anders

Take science class to a new level with this wonderful material made by Becca Anders.

Spring Nature Poems Collection by A Handful of Blessings

This simple collection of nature poems is a treasure! You can use it during poetry tea time or along with your nature studies.

Flower Symmetry by Simple Studies

Teach your student how to draw flowers with this simple, yet sweet, material featuring several different types of flower.

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Seeds Poster by Hollow and Hoot

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Spring Nature Study Collection by Treehouse Schoolhouse

My hope is that this collection will encourage you and your children to engage more deeply with the Earth this Spring through nature walks, scavenger hunts, observation, journaling, and deeper study. Made by Lyndsey.

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Gardening Guide by Cedar Hill

A bilingual guide that explores gardening. Language base: English and Spanish.

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Seasonal Egg Carton Scavenger Hunt Guide by Destiny Day

You will receive four different sets to accompany each season of the year.


Solar Power Unit by Simply A Love

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Water Cycle Collection by A Year of Tales

This wonderful bundle, made by Lisa Wilkinson, comes with cards and printables that can be made into a study unit about the Water Cycle.

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Pond Unit by Stories Begin at Home

This unit features simple games, math activities, nature studies and other activities related to the theme "Pond".

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Bird Anatomy by Montessori Multilingual

This package features several bird species, their anatomy, cards that children can use to learn about the parts of each bird. The illustrations are stunning!

Cultivated: 5 Days to Tend Your Soul

Join Hannah Anderson, the author of Humble Roots and Turning of Days, as she walks you through five days of daily devotional that explores theological truths woven deep within the natural world. Her collection of devotional essays and illustrations are made feed your soul, guiding you into a life of observation and awe, a life that sees God's glory everywhere.

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Clouds by The Hidden Way

This exclusive unit comes with 17 unique paintings of different clouds. The pictures are breathtaking and will inspire children to observe nature and create art! Kids will learn about Vincent Van Gogh, and how his relationship with nature influenced his paintings. They will also explore the subject of clouds through science experiments, nature journaling and cloud identification. This unit will bring so much beauty to your homeschool.

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Exclusive Materials:

  • Clouds by The Hidden Way Learning

  • Bring real art to your classroom with this mini unit. This unit offers cloud classification featuring paintings created and owned by The Hidden Way team, picture study and art history with Vincent Van Gogh, science experiment, field trip and nature journaling.
  • Full Printable Collection by A Childhood Set Apart

  • A complete bundle featuring several educational activities.
  • The Wild's Child Spring Journal

  • A complete journal that will encourage your child to explore nature!
  • Carrie Roger's Collection of Prints

  • Woodland Finds, Tulip Anatomy, British Bats, Woodland Fungi and Mint Moth Life Cycle.

Clouds by The Hidden Way Learning

Bring real art to your classroom with this mini unit. This unit offers cloud classification featuring paintings created and owned by The Hidden Way team, picture study and art history with Vincent Van Gogh, science experiment, field trip and nature journaling. Get it before it's gone!

Full Printable Collection by A Childhood Set Apart

A complete bundle featuring several educational activities.

The Wild's Child Spring Journal

A complete journal that will encourage your child to explore nature! Take me to the bundle!

Carrie Roger's Collection of Prints

Woodland Finds, Tulip Anatomy, British Bats, Woodland Fungi and Mint Moth Life Cycle. I need this bundle!

What you get in this bundle:

The Nature Mega Bundle Vol. 3 is a beautiful and thoughtfully curated nature collection of digital downloads and printable nature study resources exploring butterflies, moths, naturalists, fungi, plants, spring studies, birds, nature journaling, drawing, animals, earth, mini-beasts, trees, sky and water. Approximately 1,800 pages featuring studies and activities crafted for children of all ages. They are educational, simple to prepare and will provide years of fun! 

95% of the materials are secular and brand new. Only three units have been featured in past bundles. We selected some of the most talented artists to contribute to this package, and made sure to include exclusive units you won't see in any other bundle. The result is a high quality material, to be cherished and enjoyed in every season of homeschool life. 

Why the Nature Mega Bundle is the most popular bundle in the homeschool community:

We offer rich materials that can be enjoyed for many years. See testimonials below!


Thank you sooo much for putting this together.  This bundle has been one of the best organized and filled with amazing resources.  I just want to say I appreciate your hard work!


Holy meat pie.  I cannot believe the amount of content I just received.  It is absolutely amazing.  Just incredible.  Good on all you mama bears.  It's absolutely fantastic.  


Thank you SO much!!  The bundle is amazing - completely exceeded my expectations!  Blessings!


What a BEAUTIFUL bundle!  I didn't realize it was THAT extensive!  So excited to have this resource!


Emily, you are amazing.  You shared with all of us a piece of a rare diamond!  My kids love it!  Kudos to you for all these great materials and a big hug from us!


This was a wonderful bundle and I am so glad I purchased it.  What a talent!


Thank you so much.  I am very excited to use these materials with my children.  I am very grateful to have found this resource at a cost that fit my budget!


These are so inspiring and beautiful!  I cannot wait to share them with my son (and learn alongside him)  Thank you a million.


I am just now getting to look through these and this is wonderfully made.  Beautiful!  I'm so happy I purchased!  


What's so special about this bundle?

1. It's the most complete nature-themed bundle in the homeschool community.

2. It covers nature from other countries, and not just the US, such as: Australia and United Kingdom.

3. Our units are complete, they provide enriching lessons and explore many different subjects, under one single theme.

4. Our illustrations are hand-painted by real artists, we provide realistic watercolor and digital illustrations, as well as beautiful oil paintings of nature and natural elements.

5.  98% of our products have never been been featured in any other bundle. AND more than half of them are exclusive releases.

6. We work with a few artists that create high-quality materials exclusively for The Nature Mega Bundle, you will not see their work anywhere else.

Products and Shops included in the Nature MEGA bundle by category:


- Animal Cell Activities & Poster (@mydarlingchickadee)

- Australian Mammals Unit (@littlesparketsy)

- British Bats (

- Dog Breeds (@home.sweet.homeschooling)

- Kangaroo Anatomy (@simplyalove)

- Numbat Anatomy (@simplyalove)

- Turtle Anatomy (@thehiddenwaylearning)


- American Robin Unit (@stephhathawaydesigns)

- Backyard Birds Unit (@montessori.multilingual)

- Just Ducky (@fireflynatureschool)

- Barn Owl Study (@honeycombcabin)

- Backyard Bird Identification (@tanglewoodhollow)


- Earth Bundle (@wildfeatheredu)

- Maps (@wildfeatheredu)

- Minerals, Rocks, and Fossils (@tackleboxmontessori)

- Volcano Anatomy (@simplyalove)

- Layers of the Earth (@tanglewoodhollow)


- Adding & Subtracting Fractions (@wildmathcurriculum)

- Affirmation Cards (@montessori.multilingual)

- Early Years Bundle (@wildfeatheredu)

- Five Days to Tend Your Soul (@hannah_._anderson)

- Five Senses Collection (@wildfeatheredu)

- Grounded Movement Cards (@kindle_togetherness)

- Nature Acrostic Poems (@thisgrowinglife)

- Nature Connection through Poems, Language & Math Activities (@achildhoodsetapart)

- Nature Alphabet (@devoted_motherhood)

- Nature Journal & Activities (

- Nature Journal (@brilliantbungalow)

- Seasonal Egg Carton Scavenger Hunt (@thedayhome)

- Spring Journal (@raising_up_wild_things)

- Spring Nature Art Study (@ahandfulofblessings)

- Spring Nature Poems (@ahandfulofblessings)

- Spring Nature Study Collection (@treehouse_schoolhouse)

- Springtime Decoration Bundle (@the_little_oak_learning)

- Woodland Finds (

- Colors of the Rainbow (@thehobbsfarm)

- Nature Sticker Badges (@ahandfulofblessings)

- Journaling Nature (@3littlelambshomestead)


- Ants Unit Study (@brighterdaypress)

- British Spiders (

- Caterpillar & Moth Nature Guide (@withhisgrace)

- Cicadas Emerge (@rust.and.sprout)

- Garden Snail Anatomy (@brighterdaypress)

- Mint Moth Lifecycle (

- Woodlouse Mini Unit (@hollowandhoot)


- George Washington Carver Unit (@stephhathawaydesigns)

- Nature Poet- Robert Lewis Stevenson (@rust.and.sprout)

- Exploring Naturalists: John Muir (@tanglewoodhollow)

Plants & Fungi:

- Anatomy of a Tulip (

- Edible Weeds (@hollowandhoot)

- Essential Oils Plant Study (@home.sweet.homeschooling)

- Flower Clock (@hollowandhoot)

- Flower Symmetry (@simple.and.free_)

- Gardening Spanish Study (@cedar_hill_kids_homeschool)

- Plant Cell Activities & Poster (@mydarlingchickadee)

- Seeds (@hollowandhoot)

- Slime Mould Life Cycle (

- Strawberry Unit Study (@mini.nature.explorers)

- The Rainforest Guide (@thepeacefulpress)

- Useful Plants (@twigandmoth)

- Wildflowers and Pollinators (@honeycombcabin)

- Woodland Fungi (


- Clouds (@thehiddenwaylearning)

- Moon Phase Wheel (@tanglewoodhollow)

- Outer Space Collection (@greenurbancreative)

- Solar Power (@simplyalove)

- Space Science Recipes (@whiskingapples)

- Space Science Study (@whiskingapples)

- Wind Energy (@simplyalove)

- Rainbow Activities (@ahandfulofblessings)

- Layers of the Atmosphere (@tanglewoodhollow)


- Ocean Study (@wildfeatheredu)

- Rock Pools (

- Seashells of the British Coast (

- Water Cycle Learning Unit (@ayearof_learning)

- Pond Collection (@storiesbeginathome)

In honor of Emily Mitchell

The Hidden Way Learning

The Hidden Way Learning shop was originally founded by Emily Mitchell, home-educating mother of five and owner of the most joyful personality. Emily was passionate about providing her kids with a delight-driven education, fueled by biblical truth and enriched experiences. Her love for nature led her to organize the Mega Nature Bundle, which has been a very sought-after resource in the homeschool community.

On December 22nd, Emily passed away unexpectedly in her home, after having a sudden Pulmonary Embolism, while pregnant with her fifth child. Losing Emily so abruptly brought a lot of pain to everyone close to her, but because she had placed her faith in Jesus, we rejoice in the hope of meeting her in Heaven someday.

Emily created The Nature Mega Bundle as a way to support the creative community of artists on Instagram. This project is managed by Emily's mother, Gail Giancaspro, and it is a collaboration between The Hidden Way Learning and many small entrepreneurs. A portion of proceeds will go to her children, Finn, Isla, Eden and Luna. Thank you so much for your support!