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The Hidden Way Learning is a community of artists that create educational resources which can be used by parents and teachers!

It was originally founded by Emily Mitchell, home-educating mother of five and owner of the most joyful personality. Emily was passionate about providing her kids with a delight-driven education, fueled by biblical truth and enriched experiences. Her love for nature led her to organize the Mega Nature Bundle, which has been a very sought-after resource in the homeschool community.

On December 22nd, Emily passed away unexpectedly in her home, after having a sudden Pulmonary Embolism, while pregnant with her fifth child. Losing Emily so abruptly brought a lot of pain to everyone close to her, but because she had placed her faith in Jesus, we rejoice in the hope of meeting her in Heaven someday.

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16

After Emily passed, her friends and family decided to continue her dream of turning The Hidden Way Learning a place to gather beautiful creations that can be used as resources for Nature Studies at home or at school.

Our team is comprised of a few people, special to her:

Her mom Gail Giancaspro is the main artist, and she draws beautiful Nature Elements that are turned into Study Units for children of all ages. She uses oil on canvas, as well as some watercolors.

Her husband Joseph Mitchell writes some of her units, working alongside her mom to create mini-curriculums that are thoughtfully designed for the whole family.

Her friend Bruna Masalin runs this website (yep, that's me!) and helps the family to continue her aspirations.

Her friend Allyson Speak is helping the family organize The Mega Nature Bundle in 2021.

Her friend Ashley helps create some of the units that are well loved by many families!

This project exists to support her four children, Finn, Isla, Eden and Luna. Emily loved her children fiercely, and we are committed to keeping her memory alive in their hearts.

Thank you for being here!

The Hidden Way Team