1. How do I download my files?

As soon as you place your order, you will be directed to the download page. Please wait a few minutes and don't close the page until your download is available. Your link will also be sent to your e-mail. You will receive a PDF file with all the information you need to access your files. You need to click the link included in the PDF to be directed to our main folder.

2. How long do I get access to my files?

We will keep the folder active for two years! But you get access to the files indefinitely. You have a lifetime access to them.

3. What is the age range?

We offer materials that can be used by children of several different ages. Some of our units are for preschoolers, some are for elementary students, and we also offer math units that can be used by children in sixth grade and above.

4. What is so special about your bundle?

It's the most complete nature bundle in the homeschool community, with exclusive pieces that you won't find anywhere else.

5. Will I receive a physical product?

No, these are digital prints that you can print as many times as you want!

6. May I use these materials in my classroom?

Yes, you are free to use these in your classroom as long as you keep the resources with you. You may not distribute the files or prints with your students.

7. Do I need to be homeschooling to use these?

No, these can be enjoyed by any family!

8. Will I receive physical copies of these products?

Only digital copies will be send.